Why Am I Here?

Good Question.  The answer is still a mystery.  Most days I have so much to say, so many stories to tell.  That is, until I am going to write it down on purpose for an audience of more than one.  Sure, I can post some silly stuff on Facebook because my friends and family already now I’m goofy/crazy.  It’s a whole different story when it comes to the pressures of writing to strangers in the format of  a blog or a book.  I’ve been struggling with writing my story.  My life has been very “colorful” to say the least but writing it down seems to freeze my brain.  It doesn’t seem that interesting to me when I see it on paper or it just seems depressing. Everyone else says that the story has to be told because in this case especially, “truth is stranger than fiction”.   So, this is my attempt of at least writing something and finding myself or something along the way that clears the path for me to write the “colorful, interesting, and hopefully not boring on paper” story.  I’ll do my best to not bore you to sleep but I make no promises.  You are invited to read my stories and see if they give you some insights of your own, and yes, I would gladly accept some input, advice or ideas.


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