The Joys of Coffee

Waking up groggy, doing my zombie-like trance into the kitchen, (if you live with me you know what my wave, no words and maybe a mumble means) fill the coffeepot with water (pouring some onto the counter and having to fill more to match the amount needed).

Carefully, or so I think, scooping  in the coffee and keeping count up to 6,  often having my brain distracted by not thinking at all, losing count and needing to start over.  Some days I just take a chance with having an extra strong or weak dose of caffeine but those have been lessons in the importance of staying focused for at least 6 scoops.

Then clean up the spilled water, escapee coffee grounds and head back to bed.  Hearing the wonderful bubbling, whirls, whistles, drips and waiting for that last swoosh of steam followed by silence.

The exhilarating awakening aroma fills the entire house and just the thought of that heavenly caffeine fix gives me the imaginary energy needed to walk upright and with purpose towards the favorite part of my morning wake-up routine.

Of course, hot coffee tastes better in my very special ceramic coffee mug (a gift from my brother and sister-in-law) with the insulated rubber middle that makes it easier to carry. The freedom to put as much non-dairy French Vanilla creamers as I want is probably more exciting than it should be for a woman of my age but I love it.

The first few sip/gulps through a straw are the some of the most enjoyable things of the day.  Then of course I get distracted, sip on it periodically while reading or typing, let it get too cold and get a refill, unaware of the thrill just minutes before.

Coffee truly brings us joy.  We get happy when we say, “let’s meet for coffee” or how about “come over for coffee and dessert”?  These two phrases bring joy to the masses (of coffee-drinkers, of course).

My idea of the perfect coffee morning involves a front porch and cool air but I live in Florida so that is a rarity.  Look forward to invites from friends and family in the cooler States so we can enjoy some coffee on the porch.

Personally, I receive joy from most coffee as long as it isn’t from fast food restaurants or one of the fad coffee places.  The coffee is too bitter or strong.   I’m not a fan of drinking coffee from paper, Styrofoam or any other material besides ceramic.  In a sense, I guess you might call me a coffee snob.

Nothing tastes better than coffee at home unless you go some place where real breakfast is served and real coffee comes in a real coffee cup.  Yes, I am old school and not ashamed, especially when it comes to coffee.   I’ve been known to walk to the nearest favorite cafe’ and bring the coffee home in the paper cup and pour it into my ceramic one.

I’m truly appreciative of the joy that coffee brings and the friends, family and people in my life who share the same sentiments.  Often times I think, God must have been thinking of just me when He made those coffee beans.

I’ll admit I’m a coffee late bloomer and didn’t touch it until I was 37 years of age.  Maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much, it’s a fairly new love affair.  Thank you God and coffee for You/you are the joy of my morning.


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