The Great Escape (The beginning of the End)

(Picture:  Waterfront, Portland, Maine 2012)

Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 6:00 a.m. an email was sent asking for help, the situation was desperate, this was her only hope.

The reply was, “Yes, call me.” Plans were discussed.  The flight was scheduled.

“He” was still asleep on the couch.  When “he” woke up she pretended she was going to church in his car but instead went to a safe place to make arrangements with friends that would take her to the airport on Tuesday morning.  All the plans were made and everyone involved was on board.

She got up Monday morning, dropped “him” off at work as if it were any other day and headed back to the house.  She packed the car with everything she owned that she could fit, the important stuff, and headed out planning never to return.

She drove back into town and went to church.  She spoke with “his” counselor and told him her side of the story.  He told her that she should leave town (he didn’t know that she was already in the process of doing that).  He told her that she should not feel bad about wanting to be safe.  She needed to do this and stick to her guns.  No coming back to “him.”  No talking to “him” for 2 weeks.  Read the book called, “Boundaries.”  She left the office feeling relieved and anxious at the same time.  A little confirmation went a long way.  She was so afraid of leaving but even more afraid of staying.

She then drove to a close family member’s house and emptied her car into their garage. Then they both took separate cars and headed to “his” place of work.

When they arrived across the street from his work she placed a letter on the driver’s seat, locked the doors and put the keys on the front left tire.  They drove away and she sent a text saying, “Your car is across the street, go there now and get the key from the front left tire, and read the letter.”

Then she went to dinner with her favorite person in the world, the one helping her by storing her extra stuff and driving her around.  She had only known him 19 years but she loved him as he was more perfect than she could have dreamed.  A gift from God, no doubt.  He dropped her off at the house of the friends who were giving her a ride to the airport.  She hugged him, said goodbye and he assured her that she was doing the right thing and he supported her decision 100%. They would plan visits as soon as possible.

The friends, a retired couple who were lovely, fun sweethearts offered her wine while they talked and watched TV.  That night she didn’t get any sleep.  The next morning they took her to the airport and found out the flight had been changed to later in the afternoon.  She finally took off at 4:45 p.m. and had a 3 hour layover at JFK.  She arrived at her destination at midnight.

When her feet touched the ground she took a deep breath.  A very tiny bit of anxiety was relieved.  Her help (family member) was there waiting for her with a smile and a hug. She was happy but ashamed as well.  This was the beginning of the unraveling nobody shoots for.
She felt so many things but mostly numb. She was in a brain fog.  She had endured one of the worst experiences of her life that showed itself as pure evil on Saturday night and by very early Wednesday she was over 1,000 miles away with the hope she was safe from “him.” It didn’t seem real and she couldn’t believe she had to go to such extremes to get away from someone she had only known 2 and 1/2 years and was only married to a little over 1 year.  She couldn’t see a future but she planned on putting one foot in front of the other until she got somewhere other than where she escaped.   To be continued…….


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