Uniquely Similar

(Picture above; capture from my phone camera butt-dial when I was getting out of pool)

Every person is unique, like a snowflake. A snowflake begins to form when an extremely cold water droplet freezes onto a pollen or dust particle in the sky. This creates an ice crystal.  Even though each snowflake design is different, it started from the same source and takes on the same form of a symmetrical hexagon.

People are like snowflakes, uniquely similar.  We are unique by our DNA and fingerprint (as far as science goes) but we are also unique in our temperaments, beliefs, character, perception (top of my list), experiences, talents, intelligence and spiritual awareness to name a few.

In my experiences of late the reality of our similarities has been front and center.  If you asked 50 people in my circle of family/friends to describe me, you would get many different answers but there would a handful of answers that would match across the board.  That is my uniqueness.

My feelings of being different/unique stem from many characteristics that I had a hard time accepting.  A few examples would be; I was adopted, left-handed, very talkative, straight hair that wouldn’t hold a perm, very happy, tomboy girly girl, rule enforcer, very intuitive, horrible acne, developed early and not a follower.


So, we’ve established that I have many issues with feeling different, out-of-place, an outsider that no one can relate to….but in my lifetime, especially lately I’ve had so many people cross my path that are completely opposite of me and yet we always have things we can relate to, discuss and usually help one another in the process.

The one element that we all share is that we are human.  All humans desire the same thing but go about getting it in different ways.  We all want love and acceptance.  That is how we start off and sometimes we end up so disappointed that we give up on love or replace it with other “things” to fill the void.

I’m starting to feel like being unique isn’t such a bad thing.  If being unique doesn’t keep others from seeing our similarities that means we can help each other and be there for each other despite our differences.  Our uniqueness should make us happy, it is how God tells us apart.  We should be happy to be uniquely similar.









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