This has nothing to do with sports, it’s just a silly name that I came up with for what some call my “gift.”
When I took the test at church for what my spiritual gifts are, the top of the list is what they call “Gift of Discernment”.  This does not involve reading anybody’s mind or predicting the future.  In my case it is hard to explain as it doesn’t happen every day and I have no idea how to turn it on and off.  For me it is a phenomenon and since it takes too long to say Gift of Discernment I just call it my ESPN.  Maybe that should stand for Extra-Sensory Perception Nerd.
When I was a child I had this but people would not listen to me.  My friends knew I had it because I would dream things that would come true and I would call them out of the blue after not seeing them for a year and ask them what is going on, I could feel something wasn’t right in my gut.  Over and over again I heard my friends say, “How do you always know?”  I never know that I know until it is confirmed. In time I have learned to trust whatever it is and not worry about people thinking I’m weird.  If you ever know of me telling you something with confidence and I am very clear about what to expect or how to handle it, you should seriously take heed.  I am a nobody, no talent, not intelligent, etc., but most definitely have found out that if I speak with authority and confidence people should listen.  After I say things, I am inside my head going what the heck was that about?
A couple of examples; the short versions;
On a flight out of Minnesota, my 9-year-old son and I were heading home after visiting family.  We had an 8:30 am flight and we had boarded the plane and were in our seats.  A flight attendant walked by and I got her attention and told her that we needed to get off the plane.  My son was embarrassed and asking me what I was talking about.  It didn’t matter, I was very clear that we would not be on this plane when it lifted off.  The lady looked at me a certain way and held up her finger and said she would be right back.  It felt like forever.  Then she walked right by us and held up her finger again.  Then she got on the overhead and told everyone there was something wrong with the plane and we would have to take the flight at 11:30 am.  I have no idea how or why I knew that and it still boggles my mind today.
There was a time that a family member, my son and myself traveled to see my grandmother in Central Florida.  Every time we talked about planning it my stomach would hurt, like not the normal stomach pain.  We went to visit her for a day trip and at 4 pm on the dot I jumped up and said, “We need to leave now!”  My family member said we had plenty of time but I was adamant.  They didn’t listen to me so I packed the car with our stuff, put my son in the car seat and prayed for Angels to surround the car and protect us.  I had never prayed for angels before that time.  When the family member came out to the car it had been over an hour.  They were upset with me for acting like a kook.  Within 30 minutes of leaving the house we were in a head-on collision.  My side of the car took the impact of the head on. I blacked out for a second and said, “Here I come Lord” and literally saw the fastest video of my life flash in my head.  Then I came to and everyone was okay except for me who felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.  The EMT checked and my pulse was 188 so we took a trip to the hospital. The hospital ER staff could not believe we were in such a major traumatic accident and all of us were upright and walking with no cuts anywhere.  The car was totaled. The tow truck guy took my family member to get our stuff out of the car and said, “I’m sorry about your loved one who was sitting in the passenger seat.”  He said, she is fine.  Driver said, “there is no way” I see this all the time.  Yep, I survived and thankfully everyone did because of those big muscular Angels.
There are many other instances but the last one I will tell you is about the scorpion.  I was 9 years old and my brother was 5.  He went to brush his teeth in the bathroom and screamed and basically bounced down the hall towards us.  Dad went and found that it was baby scorpion, grabbed my brother who had just vomited in his hands, cleaned him up and ran to the ER.  I wasn’t sure as a 9-year-old if he was going to survive.  It was very scary.  After he was stabilized and okay we went home.  That night I told my dad I didn’t want to sleep in my room because the mom scorpion was under my bed.  I didn’t see a scorpion, I just had it in my mind that it was there.  When we moved a week later my dad called me into the room.  He had just moved my bed. There was huge scorpion.
So anyway, my ESPN is something I listen to now.  If my stomach hurts or if I say something with confidence and sound half way intelligent I know it’s not me talking and I heed my own warnings. It also works the other way, if someone is worried about something specific and I tell them with confidence it will be okay, it will be okay.  I don’t go around saying those things in my natural mind.  When I am confident I will usually say don’t worry, trust God, He’s got your back. Every time I said that with confidence it was true.
 I might share more later but now I need to get to work.

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