Plain Jane’s Crown

You wore the friendship like a crown
You were so proud as you looked down
Upon the poor girl as plain as Jane
Who had so little she could claim
But you were wrong about this one
She saw the truth, she wasn’t dumb
She chose the opposite of you
Because your greed she saw right through
Your needs are never satisfied
And makes your soul puff up with pride
Your rejection, scorn, disdain
For the lowly ones who made no name
With money, fame, degrees and such
But with love and caring oh so much
The unconditional love she showed
Poured flames upon your heart so cold
She didn’t want to be like you
You didn’t even have a clue
But now it’s you that’s been dethroned
And the crown you wore was not your own
You gave it back to her and said
No one cares for you, to me you’re dead
Now she is wearing that crown so high
You’ll never get it back, oh my
How can she live without you around?
Just fine she says as she adjusts her crown.


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