Opposites Attract

It is like the latest fashion
That burns your soul with blazing passion
Today is the only thing that matters
Until all that excitement eventually scatters
Wish you could hold onto the heart that sizzles
But instead your feelings begin to fizzle
You didn’t take the time to reveal
The parts of you that are really real
You know the parts down deep inside
That you try so hard to completely hide
They eventually come out to play
and cause a fuss to your dismay
With the one you once burned for then
You barely count them as your friend
All your needs fall on your mate
While God is standing at the gate
He’s the only one for you to depend
And guide you to the truth within
Then you will find your heart is true
and the one He made for you
Opposites attract is fleeting
But God has someone who is worth you meeting
Be fueled by flames that turn to ashen
Or let Him give you a mate full of compassion

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