Who’s That Girl?

She’s a contradiction, it’s hard to peg her down

She’s cheerful, optimistic but can also wear a frown

Communication to her is key and gives her life some clarity

She’s the life of the party but doesn’t want to be

She is just herself and that is all you’ll ever see

She isn’t necessarily book-smart but perceptive she can be

If you want to keep her attention, mental stimuli is key

She has stored amounts of energy for the right activity

She likes to show her nice side, consideration, care

But back her in a corner and you’ll wish you had not dared

She’s a free-spirited rule enforcer who likes to travel round

But always likes to come back home so she can settle down.

Her favorite past-time is to be outdoors near the ocean blue

where she can breathe the air so fresh and exercising too

If she has enough personal space she rarely will complain

Cage her in, backed in a corner, and your cries will be in vain.

She cares about your feelings but at times she can be blunt

Try not to take it personal, she’ll always make your lunch.

If falsely accused or ignored she’ll show a fiery temper

But once she’s vented and been heard her emotions will re-center.

She doesn’t mind hard work as long as there is fun

She knows what burning out feels like and just the way it’s done.

She has a passionate nature known to lead to excesses

But when she falls in love with you, you’ll always count your blessings.

She is a non-conformist, a free-thinker can’t you see?

But when it comes to her beliefs not a doubt will ever be.

Don’t make too many demands from her or try to limit her freedom

And you better watch your words with her or those words you will be eating.

She has a thirst for life, and likes to encourage others

But these days she’s had enough, and has decided to recover

From the fixing and the helping and her co-dependent ways

She has finally found herself and is mellowing with age

She used to be outgoing, people-loving, people-pleasing

However finds that spending time on herself is quite appeasing

She tries to be tactful, helpful, sensitive and cautious

But get a few strong drinks in her and she will be obnoxious

Don’t try to hide the truth from her she’ll read you like a book

You think you’ve pulled one on her but she can tell by just one look

Her instincts are amazing, her heart means you no harm

Don’t let her dingy ways fool you, that’s just part of her charm


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