Learning To Fly

Saturday Morning

Grey skies pressing down

With recent memories ravaging the mind

Fighting dark thoughts trying to replace them with hope

Noticing tombstones with fresh flowers near the tree lines of the forest

As reminders of other’s loved ones who failed to make it through the mostly desolate paved 2-lane highway

The stomach tightens as the ulcer burns

Practicing patience with the travelers ahead

Who seem to be in no hurry for their destination

Temporary joy from the tunes pounding in the speakers. Ironically, playing “On The Dark Side”

The opportunity to pass the turtle on wheels and the adrenaline pumps

Two tons of red metal, pedal to the floor and then anticipated acceleration achieved

Crossing the bumpy yellow lines leaving the turtle in the dust

The feeling in the stomach alleviates and the blood pressure equalizes

The tension lifts from my shoulders and the car feels as though it’s no longer grounded

The belief that all is well and my eyes squint almost closed as I imagine the car is flying

I allow the feeling long enough to feel a release and look at the speed, 90 mpg

No indication that the car can’t handle the speed

Yet my annoying cautious instinct kicks in and I slow down

Now there is a steady rain as I move closer to civilization

The anxiety increases, the shoulders and neck stiffen and the ulcer burns again

This experience I feel is symbolic for my next chapter of life

It is not starting on a super happy note

Things are grey, there is pressure and possible danger

I will need to keep hope and practice patience

Forget the past and when people are in my way

Who don’t have my best interest at heart

It’s time to speed up and pass those suckers

Don’t even look in the rearview mirror

Put the pedal to the metal and

Learn How To Fly

9 thoughts on “Learning To Fly

  1. Yes! Leave behind the troublemakers, and surround yourself with people who care about you. It’s difficult sometimes, when you love, or once loved, the people making trouble now.
    You’ll do well, Maura. I have faith!

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    1. It is really strange that I wrote this at 4 this morning and Tom Petty has been reported to have passed away but either way, he did have a heart attack and I wrote this post “Learning To Fly” named after one of his songs. I didn’t know anything about him until 5 pm today. That is a crazy coincidence.

      Liked by 1 person

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