Not Really Not Writing

I’ve been on another non-intentional vacation from my lifeline of blogging. In my mind it’s been a fight but there have been many changes that have held my attention for the past month. No attempt to bore you with the details just reflections of my non-writing writing month.

There have been times that I’ll hear or see a quote and immediately write it down. While driving I’ll come up with some interesting thoughts or ideas and use my voice recognition on my phone to send little blurb email messages to myself.

A week ago, as I was moving for the second time in 4 weeks, I was listening to music and a new song came on the radio and I ran in and wrote down a song of my own within a few minutes. I’m only calling it a song because I was singing the words on my head. Not sure it would come across as a song but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As far as not writing goes, I’ve discovered that meeting new people and getting to know them has become an inspiration and outlet to writing as well. You ever hear yourself telling someone else about you, your likes, dislikes, quirks, opinions and experiences and say to yourself, “Wow, I just realized that about myself” or “Thank the Lord I’m growing as a person?”

These things have been happening with me and they are very therapeutic.

My confession of the week is…. I have 5 unfinished drafts on hold. I’ll go back and see if they stir anything to encourage me to finish but if not I have plenty more to share. I’ve obviously been saving up.

Even when you aren’t “writing” it on paper, computer, etc.,. Your mind is writing it on your soul. You can’t stop the flow, just the means of which you use to get it out.

I’m still a work in progress but happy about my not really not writing. It frees me up from unnecessary stress and keeps me hopeful for that book to be accomplished in the near future.


  1. As one who loves to write, I am in agreement with you. A writer will always be a writer regardless of whether pen is in hand or not. Whether those thoughts fall like ink on paper or like tears that fall from the eyes. I too take breaks in the traditional sense of writing. Meaning writing and then taking the next step of sharing. I see at least 2 drafts waiting on the sidelines, unfinished wondering if they will be. And then the decision will they be post-worthy? Will they add value to another? Realizing that I myself am still a work in process. Thank you for sharing your contribution here. Now, back to the work that feeds the stomach but not the soul!

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