Remember When…

  • Going to Blockbuster and picking out a movie was the highlight of your week?
  • Going to a movie theater was a treat that you could enjoy for a dollar?
  • Your family or friends sitting around a table to play cards or a board game?
  • Roller-skating was a good time where you got your exercise to your favorite songs?
  • You had to stand at the wall or lay on the floor near the wall to talk to your friends on the phone? Or stretched the phone cord so much that you had to unravel it every time you hung up?
  • Hearing “I’ll get it!” was the normal thing to hear yelled through the house on a daily basis? Or your name being yelled, “Maura, the phone!”
  • The busy signal and calling back over and over again and saying, “their phone must be off the hook, who can talk that long?”
  • Guys would walk into poles while staring at cute girls but now they do that staring at their cell phone?
  • Seeing the red light blinking from the answering machine when you got home.
  • Running out of VHS tapes to record on and trying to decide if the game was worth taping over your wedding video?
  • Taping your favorite songs on the cassette player and not hitting record soon enough and missing the first part of the song?
  • When people talked to each other and seemed to enjoy their company instead of staring at the cellphone?

Technology has been helpful in so many ways but personally I’m grateful to be able to say, “I Remember When.”

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