Snow Shovels, Hot Tubs and Coffee

  • Listening to Tom Petty sing “It’s Good To Be King”
  • Sitting on my couch in my pajamas that I wore all day
  • Sending emails and texts to people I care about
  • Preparing for the trek I need to make in the falling snow tomorrow
  • Contemplating the fact that I’ve taken a 21 day fast from social media and I still have 11 days left
  • Excited and thankful about my new job opportunity to start in 13 days
  • Enjoyed my first hot tub experience this weekend when it was 5 degrees outside
  • Got my skills back for snow shoveling and I’m no longer afraid
  • At the present time I have a love/hate relationship with coffee
  • Currently unemployed which just means I’m finished with my last job and waiting to start my new one
  • Experiencing true peace of mind and little-to-no anxiety
  • Finding that changing doesn’t always take doing something, sometimes it takes doing nothing and just letting things happen
  • Pleased that I’m down a size without trying
  • Motivated to try to go down a few more sizes
  • Missing many family members and friends
  • Realizing the summer starts earlier in Florida
  • Planning in my head to take a trip in the near future

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