Where Am I?

Darkness that envelopes light

Musty odors that don’t smell right

Dusty rafters, pipes that clink

Rodents gnawing, makes me think

They are coming through the wall

Sleep escapes me, no winks at all

Creaking boards above my head

Reminds me that the dogs are fed

Sounds of voices from afar

And the strums of a guitar

Assure me that life does exist

Despite my thoughts that do persist

Loneliness I can’t escape

Unless I make the first mistake

Of walking up the stairs that squeak

To the people who rarely speak

Am I better off down here?

Where the silence has no ears

At least the quiet doesn’t care

If I haven’t washed my hair

Think I’ll stay here for a bit

Since I have a coughing fit

Dark and lonely I will be

Until somebody misses me

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