Good Day Sunshine in Maine

My nickname is Sunshine for many reasons, reason #1. I love the sunny spring and summer. This year I’ve taken on a whole new level of appreciation of sunshine, warmth, flowers and birds…

I’m sure the extra long winter had something to do with it.

Seriously, I noticed the tiniest little buds on the trees, the snowdrop plants sprouting, the beautiful flowers popping up under the tree in the backyard and every bird hanging around. I’ve never been this in tune with nature.

Today I actually sat down on the cobblestone patio and then eventually stretched out and laid there in the sunshine, as if sunbathing while wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a hoodie, lol. I spent so many hours out there I lost track of time. I managed to get some cool pictures and one of them is shown above.

So, the moral of this story…

Appreciate every good gift, such as, sunshine, warmth, blue skies, flowers, birds and the fresh outdoors. Spring has finally arrived! Embrace and squeeze every ounce out of it!

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