Alone but not Lonely

Walking circles around the bay

Four hours were not lost today

Filled with nature and fresh air

While others couldn’t help but stare

“Look at the lonely girl in front of us”

“I’m not lonely, don’t make a fuss”

I’m in my happy place once again

Where the water never ends

I’ll take your picture when you’re unaware

I have the courage to take that dare

With lonely people all around

I feel sad for them as they walk and frown

With loving partners at their side

And dogs that keep up with their stride

They seem concerned about the ones

Who choose to have free time, undone

I’m not lonely, can’t you see?

I am the one whose chosen me


    1. Thanks for understanding. I’m a work in progress. I was always the codependent, people-pleaser, until recently when I realized the importance of accepting the woman I am without the “people” crutches. Not an easy task but a little better every day.


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