Little Birdies

Today, after applying for jobs and taking assessments, I sat in the yard to soak up some rays.

The birds were all “chirpy” so I got the idea to use my bird app to listen to their calls to see if I could identify which types of birds were doing most of the singing, calling and chirping.

Did you know that if you play the black-capped Chickadee song they will listen, start singing the song back to you and wait for you to take your turn? Safe to say I had a choir of all types of birds singing/chirping their native songs. But the Chickadees were taking that stuff very seriously.

It was adorable but after the fourth one flew too close to my head, I decided that maybe bird-calling was not a great idea. Then I felt guilty as if I messed with the whole order of nature and scarred the little birdies for life.

Later, I was unraveling the dog leashes and backed myself into the tree line. Heard a bunch of fluttering and bird chirping, looked over my shoulder and saw 3 Chickadees, they were close enough to touch. I swear they were looking at me.

Lord, please forgive me. I wasn’t trying to be Dr. Doolittle. I promise not to call any birds tomorrow. 😉

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