The Dangers Of Giving/Taking Advice Over the Internet (Irony)

For those of us who have the need to express ourselves, words, art, hurt, happiness, experiences via writing, we often share our hearts and minds as if experts on any given familiar subject.

Speaking for myself, much of the time it is easier to think outside of my brain, (i.e. thinking/talking/writing out loud).  It is very therapeutic to discover an answer we have been searching for and therefore we spew it out as if it is the Bible truth for everyone within eye/earshot.

This is not the case.  We as individuals are connected on a deeper level than is given credit, but let’s not forget, we “are” individuals.  Like snowflakes, (not an insult in my context), with our different life experiences, personalities,temperaments, etc., What is good for you might not be good for me and vice versa.

So, for all the bloggers who might be hurt or insulted by other blogger’s writing, please consider this platform as a place to express whatever we deem necessary for our own growth and hopefully yours.

With all that being said, we shouldn’t be censored or under some type of PC nonsense.  As it was on Facebook, which I have decided to take an indefinite sabbatical, I’ve noticed a trend on some blogs that come across with advice that could be detrimental or hurtful to an emotionally unhealthy person.  We don’t know everyone’s story nor are we responsible for the masses.  Yet, we are responsible, somewhat, for our circle.

This is a free country, free speech, free social media outlets, and so on and so on and we are all entitled to our opinions.

The reasoning behind this post is to make sure we understand that while we are free to express ourselves, it doesn’t hurt to at least be thoughtful of our audience.

I am guilty as charged.  I’ll try to be more sensitive to others while still expressing my truest self.

(Disclaimer)  I am okay with you not being okay with what I’m saying here.

I’m hopeful that it helps at least one person to be aware/ beware and that I can take my own dangerous advice as well.

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