Think about it. Most days you might feel insignificant. Does anyone really listen? Do they care?

Maybe they don’t listen and respond the way we’d prefer. Maybe they don’t care about the things we want them to care about, the way we want them to….but, do you ever stop to think (outside the box)?

How about the time “so-and-so” said something back to you weeks or months after you mentioned it to them? Your response, “Are you kidding me right now? you were listening?”

People listen how, to what and when they want to.

They process information different than you. Even if you think or feel your point has been made, more than likely, they didn’t pick up exactly what you were putting down. They got the gist but your meaning wasn’t translated perfectly. That’s because you are you. They can’t be you. They can’t think or react the same as you.

The good news….

You are an influence in their life.

You provide something that they otherwise would not be aware of or even consider.

You matter. You are important. What you bring to the table is valuable.

Believing it will win the battle.

If we know we are worthy, valuable and influence others, maybe we can save some of our emotional energy for actual problems.

Yes, I’m talking to me but hope this helps you as well.

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