I’m Very Thorry (Thor: Ragnarok)

Friday night plans changed from take-out pizza to lettuce wedges drizzled with blue cheese, real bacon bits, red onions and Roma tomatoes. We were all extremely pleased with the menu change.

The movie choice of the night was Thor: Ragnarok.

The family of four are huge Marvel fans.

Then there is me, Maura, who avoids animation, sci-fi and superhero movies almost as much as she avoids horror/slasher/war movies.

Last night proved to be the exception, mostly due to me being too tired to get out of the chair and the fact I couldn’t help but notice that Thor was kind of cute.

My phone was in hand for the possibly boring movie. I had it propped up on my leg and the screen light turned down to assure none the wiser.

Cue the movie, kick-ass-music and the type of fight scenes that make my eyes roll, and not in the good way.

Afraid to look away too soon and give away my already made up mindset, I just kept staring at the TV screen and hoping to fall asleep and miss the entire film.

Then the dialogue started rolling. Then I shocked myself with loud (outside voice) laughing. WTH?!

I’m looking through the cinematic darkness of the living room to find smiles and listened for snickers. Finally caught a few. Relief!

I stated out loud, “I had no idea this was a comedy!”

No longer holding my phone and positioning myself for slumber, I got completely engrossed in this silly saga.

Needless to say, I’m the latest member of the Thor Fan Club.

Lesson learned. Don’t say no to everything based on your past experience, especially when it comes to entertainment. You just might be surprised.

Thor?! Who’d a thunk it?! 💪

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