Sometimes Words Are Not Enough

Life happens

People try to help

They attempt to make you feel better with words

Sometimes words are not enough

Sometimes words are just another way of telling someone you are too busy to be bothered

Sometimes words are the wall you put up to get them to leave you alone

Sometimes words are for you to feel better that you tried to help

Sometimes words are empty, repetitive mumblings of people who don’t have their shit together enough to help you

Sometimes those wrong or empty words are the perfect cure for what ails you

Sometimes you, while hanging onto the bottom of the rope, hear what you need to hear from who you need to hear it from…..You!

The one you can actually count on and should listen to more often. The only one who can actually do anything to get yourself out of the rut or hole you’ve nearly dug to China.

Although, at times, such as my experience very recently, you need to reach out and have people take action on your behalf, you also need to listen to the healthy version of yourself, (the one who started off with a low whisper and worked up to an all out screaming match inside your head) and get back on track. Doesn’t matter if it’s embarrassing or if your pride/ego is bruised. Those things can heal in time.

Get help and then work on changing the tape in your head. (Use prescription medications and meet with mental health professionals if necessary).

Once you’ve changed the vocabulary inside your brain, other people’s empty or hurtful words won’t injure you beyond repair because you no longer believe or allow them to.

Sometimes words are not enough and sometimes they are too much.

Make sure you learn the difference and be thoughtful with your own words. People matter. We make the world go round. Let’s do this!


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