History Repeats Itself

The old generation criticizes the new

How did they get here, by way of you?

Who taught them their ways, one-by-one?

Truly there’s nothing new under the sun

What did they learn from you?, oh so wise

Did you tell them a pile of lies?

Or did you show them how to live?

Teach the meaning of the joy to give

Respecting others, the moral code

The Golden rule, to be strong and bold

Did you show them that love can be bought?

Or that sharing your feelings was a long shot?

What was your purpose while raising the children?

Was it just the latest fad of the season?

Or to care about others and make the world better

By raising a stronger and wiser generation

Just look at them now

The generation younger than you

While you shake your heads and vile words you do spew

Thanks to the ones who came before them

Who seem to condemn them to an untimely end

Who will stand up and defend these young ones?

Not the generation before them, it’s never been done


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