Facebook No More

There are many reasons to quit Facebook. The reasons differ with each individual.

I’ve deleted two of my past FB accounts and been on numerous hiatus. This time, after being deactivated for a while (not sure, but I think it’s been at least a month or so), I’m feeling like this may be the right time to end my relationship with FB, indefinitely.

My reasoning, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on in the past is Socialization. There, I said it. Social media, ironically, has killed my social life and I allowed it.

When I was on social media, (FB specific), no one needed to call me to see if I was okay. They just pulled up that nifty little app on their phone, saw that I’d been active that day and done! Maura’s alive and posting. No reason to call, text or ask her to dinner.

What I’ve learned is that most of the 200ish “friends” on Facebook care about who they can see. Out of sight, out of mind.

No worries. I don’t have the emotional energy to keep up with 5 people on a daily basis so 200+ is just ridiculous.

There are arguments for the Pro-FB movement and I understand. Like I said, it’s different on an individual basis.

I’m an extrovert. I care. I want to know. But, I’m also a co-dependent, emotionally charged, over-protective people-pleaser. Enough already.

I’m going back to the Stone Ages where people called or texted you on the phone and saw you in person on occasion.

If nobody calls, that means more time for me to de-fuse from my day and/or gives me time to allow new people into my life. People that I can give or get a hug from at some point.

This is me telling you that I’m okay with my decision.

There is life after FB. I’m re-learning my steps as we speak.


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