Whistle While You Work

Work, work, work

It’s what we do

There is no other way

That’s true

But once we start

We never stop

When life goes by

And we never caught, up

With the things we should have done

Like hanging out and having fun

We forgot what work was supposed to do

Provide a place for me and you

To grow and learn

To laugh and play

And when our time is up, no way

To go back there and seize the day

Hard work is good

There is no doubt

But remember what it’s all about

You only get one time around

So work and “play” before underground


  1. We work way to much because that’s what programmed to f’n do. Buy buy buy – more more more. Get rid of the McMansions and nice $30,000 cars, and you just might have a chance to enjoys the roses.


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