People Suck; Yes We Do

“Wish you were as perfect as me.”

We gripe about the things we see

That guy’s tattoos

That girl’s short shorts

The man who’s speeding in his Porsche

The sun’s too bright

The night too cold

Look at the man who seems so old

The one who cut you off, That jerk!

While you were rushing to your work

Those dirty people over there

Do they ever wash their hair

That woman’s hairstyle from the 80’s

Her clothes come from the old Old Navy

The homeless people on the corner

Who wish the weather was a little warmer

How hard is it to take a minute

To hand them a hat with a dollar in it

We would rather rush to judge

Than reacting to the nudge

The one that reminds us we are no better

And Lord please help us if we ever

Need a helping hand from those

We turned away from with our nose

Stuck in the air all full of pride

Hope we never need a ride

Or a coat or hat or gloves

How bout, we people show some love?

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