Yesterday after work I went to a department store in the mall to do some work-clothes shopping. The store was a ghost town. Normally that is the way I like it but I felt overwhelmed by the hundreds of racks of clothes to choose from and had a slight bit of anxiety (on the inside).

After a few minutes of rummaging through the racks a very pretty, sweet-natured woman, in her 80’s, came up to me and started talking about how empty the store was and how nice the quiet was for shopping but it felt kind of overwhelming. That was random. Was I thinking out loud?

Then she decided to show me a sweater she bought the day before. She was looking for a top to match the sweater and was showing me her options. She didn’t ask for advice, she was just chatting and sharing.

Then she noticed the color of my shirt and said how she liked that color, looked up at my face and said “Wow, your eyes are beautiful!” Of course I thanked her but I really did more listening than talking (highly unusual for me).

Then she went on to say that God gives us all a few gifts and we should be grateful for those things. She said that now she knows. When she does something as simple as getting up in the morning and using her feet. Trying to get moving isn’t as easy as it used to be.

I’m standing there listening, not talking and thinking I’m in some kind of alternate universe.

Last thing she says to me as she reaches to touch my arm, “You’re going to be okay.” Then she smiled and we said goodbye.

In no way, did I imply that I wasn’t okay. Even in our conversation I didn’t relay anything about myself or my thoughts. Just told her that the sweater was pretty.

Guess God knew I needed a reminder to be grateful for everything and to stop focusing on my problems.

Now I’ve noticed my blue eyes, the sunshine, my feet and legs that get me where I need to go, lunch, coffee, the joy in seeing old friends for the first time in years, my car, my health and the opportunity to improve my health, the new job and the list goes on.

Thanks to the sweet lady in Macy’s with the pretty gray and yellow-flowered cardigan, I’m feeling grateful.


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