The Adventure Awaits

Do you have social anxiety?

So do I.

Are you an extrovert?

Same here.

Do you love adventure?

Yes, I do.

Do you consider yourself cautious? Fearful? Easily bored?

Yep, all of the above.

Strange how resilient and determined we humans can be.

We go through life, (some of us), afraid of many things yet we do them anyway.

Do you think we give ourselves enough credit?

Are we kind and fair when describing us?

Do we give grace and mercy when needed? Or, do we badger and break ourselves down?

We should give credit where credit is due, encourage ourselves and be kind and fair.

Life is an adventure. Does fear and self-doubt stunt our growth and keep us in a stagnant state?

If we are so hard on ourselves, how can we truly encourage others? Our standards set too high can keep us from helping others feel worthy.

Write out lists of things you are good at doing or ways you’ve helped someone.

Even if it takes a week or so. Every time you think of something you’re good and/or maybe exceptional at, write it down.

Something as simple as giving directions to a stranger or helping a mom with kids by holding the door open for her.

Be intentional with giving yourself some credit and work on being kind to yourself.

Maybe, if we practice this, we’ll be good examples to the children and others around us who need a boost of confidence in themselves.

We should embrace the good in us, kick the negative to the curb and keep moving in the right direction because…

The Adventure Awaits

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