We met on the phone in Winter 2017

Not expecting it to amount to a thing

Feeling right away that you were much better than me

Tried to push you away but you wouldn’t let it be

We talked for hours at a time…every week

Sometimes so late there would be little sleep

At times I would get upset and give you a choice

But the next day couldn’t wait to again hear your voice

I tried to define what we had to make sense

But with you there was just no reason for defense

I was talking to someone who was oh so broken

I had no idea and thought you were joking

It took me so long to realize the truth

That time was of essence, finally seeing you was proof

Torn between over doing it with my helpful ways

And a little self dignity now seems so grave

Last time I saw you it really scared me

So sick and so sad, why should it be

A beautiful man with so much to live for

Was slowly killing himself and trying to keep score

You were torn, with what I’ll never know

Your pride kept you from letting it show

I care about you and want you all healed

But you decided that wasn’t the deal

Yesterday I received the news of your passing

You took life into your own hands…I’m not laughing

After work I broke down on the ride home

Tried to find old voice mails from you on my phone

Cried rivers of tears and kept asking why

Why did you suffer so bad you should die

Why couldn’t I help you, the way you helped me

Now you are gone and never again will I see

With all the uplifting words to you that were spoken

It’s devastating that you somehow remained broken

If nothing else comes of it I hope you knew this

You were important to me and will forever be missed

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