A Year Ago

A year ago today woke up in Lexington, VA.

Fueled car and fueled me at Mickey D’s to get me on my way

Headed North on 95 a long day trip ahead

Not knowing what was to come, not feeling any dread.

Hard to recall the remainder of the trip, nothing comes to mind

Just that I was starting over and leaving baggage far behind

In a year that much is true though what a year it’s been

I’ve accomplished letting go though stumbling now and then

The answers of my life are not that cut and dry

Asking God constantly, What? Who? Where? and Why?

It seems to me if He has a plan, it’s not for me to know

Until I truly trust Him and learn to let it go.

1 Comment

  1. Maura Maura Maura…just happy to see a post from you. I keep asking too as many others do. No answers for ya but beatin the same drum. Sending love❤️ We’ll figure it out!


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